Aga kas Teie tunnete enda ära?

“VISUAALNE” inimene

·        riietub hästi (üldpilt oluline)

·        mõtteprotsessid piltidena

·        kärsitu

·        räägib kiiresti, hääl kõrgeneb

·        zestid suunatud üles

·        tähtis üldmulje


“AUDITIIVNE” inimene

·        et saada eelnevast infot, “kerib kasseti algusesse tagasi”

·        aeglane

·        kehakeel kesine, staatiline

·        äärmiselt olulised detailid, süstematiseeritus

·        asjalik, põhjalik



·        tunded olulised

·        mugavus

·        kogemused (enne proovida ja siis otsustada)

·        tegutsemine pigem tunnete kui analüüsi ajel

·        zestid, liigutused suunatud alla

·        vajavad aega ümberlülitumiseks


Visual Neuro Linguistic Programming

Typically, people who are in a visual mode stand, or sit, with their heads and/or bodies erect with their eyes up, and will be breathing from the top of their lungs. They often sit forward in the chair or on the edge of the chair. They tend to be more organized, neat, well-groomed and orderly. More deliberate. More appearance oriented, and sometimes quieter. Good spellers. Memorize by seeing pictures, and are less distracted by noise. Often have trouble remembering verbal instructions, and are bored by long verbal explanations because their minds tend to wander. They would rather read than be read to. A visual person will be interested in how someone looks at them, and will respond to being taken places, and being bought things. They will tend to use words like: See ya later, I want to look at it, Focus on it, Watch it, Be clear, Foggy, Picture that, Notice, Appears.

Auditory Neuro Linguistic Programming

Someone who is auditory will move their eyes sideways and also down to the right. They breathe from the middle of the chest. They typically talk to themselves, and are easily distracted by noise. They often move their lips when they say words. They can repeat things back to you easily. They may find math and writing more difficult and spoken language easier. They like music and learn by listening. They memorize by steps, procedures, and sequence. An auditory person is often interested in being told how they’re doing, and responds to a certain set of words or tone of voice. They tend to use words and phrases like: Listen, Talk to, Said, Speak, Hear, and Sounds like, “Good to talk to you.”

Kinesthetic Neuro Linguistic Programming

They will typically be breathing from the bottom of their lungs, so you’ll see their stomach go in and out as they breathe. Their posture is often more slumped over, and they often move and talk verrrry slooowly. They will typically access their feelings and emotions to “get a feel” for what they’re doing. They respond to physical rewards, and touching. They also stand close to people and touch them. They are often physically oriented people (athletes). They may move a lot, and they memorize by doing, or walking through something. They use words like: Feelings, Get in touch, Hold, Grasp, and Handle.

4 responses to “Aga kas Teie tunnete enda ära?

  1. Trevor

    Ütle sina mulle, kes ma olen 😛

  2. wellwell… look what the cat brought in. 🙂
    Trevor, Sina oled see füüsiliselt orienteeritud mees, sellega on nagu klaar. 🙂
    ja härra Jànus Robert, tore kuulda, et elu ja tervise juures olete, Teie siis vaatate-katsute (ja soovitavalt korraga), right? 🙂

  3. Jääraplika

    Mina ilmselgelt kinesteetiline inimene 🙂

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